Sunday, November 25, 2007

rappers and aint hood or is it?!

These days, rappers Kanye, Pharrel Williams, and have been seen with bags..not grocery bags..female bags. I'd have to say that I am pretty open to new steez but bags..c'mon we can leave that for the ladies. In the pictures you can see Pharrel and his bags. hahah. I do appreciate the design and art of these bags, especially, the ultra lux Hermes Birkins that will run you from 8-15gs but rappers should not be carrying these around in the street. Beanie Sigel smashed this style on his site not too long ago, saying that where he is from.."you liable to get something happen to you". But hip-hop stylist June Ambrose responded with reasonings about how rappers and their cockiness, with some confident attitude should not be questioned about their sexuality. eh..I just want to see if this trend will be humped or dumped.

info: spin

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