Monday, December 10, 2007

Art Event: Sadly Beautiful: A Vinyl Show

"Sadly Beautiful is an exploration of Contemporary Art through the medium of urban vinyl toys. These ‘toys’ are stylized versions of what we played with as children. They have associations with fun and a stress-free time in our lives. Vinyl toys allow us to daydream of yesteryear. And when artists customize (hand paint, alter the shapes, etc), these portals of nostalgia become works of art".

Artists: brent nolasco, motorbot, adrian pina, ryan crippen, bwana spoons, jon measures, phuek!, jovanne santos, lynette may, david wagner, squidnik, jennyfur, edzepln, jason jacenko, doktor a, peenloon, drilone, lou pimentel, randy kono, mr. atom, dawn lauckner, rhinomilk, jennybird, david epochalypse, marion hawkes, blinky, julie b, nathan lumm, benedict sisters, jet wrench, jenna colby, mark meyers, paul candler, renee lawter, shiro fujioka, coreroc, kid lew, lionel uhry, leecifer, nick the ring, henry lichtmann, jester, podgy panda, katherine wilson, deeann morales, agg, anna, manimal, scott cummins, bucky lastard, monica campbell, david wagner, jane gotts, terk, glory tsui and more....

Black Maria Gallery
December 8th through December 22nd, 2007
Tuesday-Saturday 12-6pm or by appointment.
3137 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039

pic and info: vinylpulse & blackmariagallery

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