Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Artist Profile: Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins is an American artist known for his street installations he creates using packing tape. He has shown indoors in galleries in the U.S.--Los Angeles earlier this year--, Europe and Brazil and is represented by Lazarides gallery in London.
"Tape Men", Jenkins first street series in which he made body casts from using clear packing tape were installed in city streets in Rio de Janeiro and later Washington DC. 2003
"Storker Project" In this ongoing project tape babies are "dropped" in various outdoor environments in different cities as part of a "species propagation movement." Currently, there have been over 100 babies installed. 2005-x
"Embed Series" In this series, Jenkins dresses his life size tape casts in clothing to create realistic sculptures which he installs in various positions in urban evironments--stuck into traffic cones, trash bags, cans, etc. He documents the reaction of the people who pass by them with video.
There are other series: Metropops, Traffic-Go-Round, and Jesus 2.0.

The next two pictures were captured in Brazil:

This was in LA:


pic and info via: mj's site and wiki.

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