Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Artist: Will, representing SHUPRINTZ

My homie Will just started Shuprintz establishment, and these photos represent what it entails. His media varies and the materials he use are endless, running from oil paints, acrylics, water paints, to the good ol spray cans. Shoot, I remember him writing graffiti on classmates' books, arms,..and if you are lucky..yearbook. ahhah. Anyways, the foolio is doing his shit well, and as a striving artists in the midst of a difficult industry, he is getting his pieces out, and even had a show at the Terrace in Pasadena not too long ago. If you are into his stuff, and want some custom sneaks then continue reading...
About Shuprintz:
Shuprintz was created in 2007 in pursuit of exploring and revolutionizing art, street style, and fashion. Looking for graffiti work, custom shoes, or commission paintings? Msg us or email at

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