Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Event: Squash Central NY

"If you’re one of the estimated 30,000 passengers who travel to and from Grand Central Station in NYC, or one of the overwhelming half a million people who pass through the terminal each day, chances are the only thing you’re focused on is catching the right train to take you to your destination. Recently, the Bear Sterns Tournament of Champions, the largest professional squash event in North America, was set up in one of the halls of Grand Central. The week-long event attracted 64 players and 4,500 spectators.
The glass-enclosed court was surrounded on three sides with bleachers for paying fans, and a VIP lounge was set up on the other side of the hall. And although the train schedule most certainly stayed on track, we wonder how many of the passengers got distracted walking past the pop-up court, and missed their trains."
-Andrew J Wiener

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