Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wuddup Jiggasets!!!

Herro everyone. Name's Rachel Fashion Junkie.
I'm now officially a new author. I like random things. My style is best described as funky and eclectic. I'm mostly interested in Womenswear Accessories & Clothes...but of course, i'll always keep it fressshh.
FYI, this was the moment Gary told me to join the blog. hahah. Forreal, though!

Bringing some sexiness to dilute all this testosterone hahah. Just kidding, love you guys! I'm a designer-in-the-making, if you will, and most of my posts will be about things that "inspire" me, or I guess just different ways to look I'm going to inject you all with a small introductory dose of my recent obsessions:

(the book)

I found this book, and was in love. Last year, it was Dirty Dirty Dancing, London club photos, but this year it's all about this book! These are the types of people I love to admire...eccentric, quirky, and most of all FUN.
For all of you who love street fashion & club culture, like me, you need to cop this book!!!

Ethnic Jewelry & Objects
Recently, I've been to quite a few places: London, Hawaii, Vegas, New York City (and upstate), and Indiana (I know...don't ask). BUT I got a lot of inspiration from my

30 hours in Marrakesh, Morocco.

This is super hot. Made from sterling silver.
I also loved London, though.
The true Londoners are sick dressers! Hands down, they have dope style. I especially enjoyed the Tate Modern. Here's some art I fancied.

Agyness Deyn
Why do I heart her?
She's the baddest b*tch on the block, end of story & nuf said.

Til next time...Peace!

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welcome to the fam, rach ;)