Saturday, January 19, 2008

Documentary: Jon Phenom presents Hay Fam

" Jon Phenom is a self taught clothing designer. He has worked for several action sports brands ranging from Osiris, Ezekiel, to Matix. Currently he is the Creative Director of his own line, Jon Phenom - a full apparel collection noted from the denim capsule collection. In the early months of 2007, Jon decided to begin a project which entailed documenting the lives of various personalities whom he drew inspiration from. The result is HAY FAM, a documentary series that is the first of many to come. For the debut of the HAY FAM project, Jon interviewed Raymond Roker - Founder of URB Magazine, Rickey Kim aka Mr. Kim - Founder/Creative Director of Evil Monito, Rich Confico aka RichOne - Co-founder and Head Designer of the Cr8tive Recreation footwear line, and Josh Madden - NYC based Stylist. This special screening will be held at the Evil Monito Studio in Echo Park."-Evil Monito

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