Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ghetto Blasters! The good ol days...

Remember...back in the days..when boxy shape boom boxes were the shit. yeaa Tom and Jerry were entertaining..and the Bulls were beastly..but jamming to some Too Short and Vanilla Ice was good to the ears. I had two of these ghetto blasters as a kid..and one of them even had a 4-inch black and white TV. DAYMNNnnn..all my cool friends were flashing their 'silver' AIWA systems with those subwoofers and shit...but I had fun cranking up my ghetto blasters.. with some solid 90watts..

Check this modern day boombox. Looks like the shit is going to transform into a robot. Boombox on steroids. 560 Watts. god damn..good for some Mistah Fab hyphy yay area shit.

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DDL97 said...

Know what? If they don't make them anymore,let's build our own!
I own a 90 watts homemade ghettoblaster made with salvaged to see the modern days music fa***ts with their cellphones overwhelmed by watts of old school beats or riffs ;D