Sunday, April 6, 2008

Art: Polynesian Tribal Tattoo Arts

History: "The advent of Christianity in Tonga witnessed the loss of several indigenous practices such as the practice of tatatau or tattooing. Although the art of tattooing was retained in the nation of Samoa, it was completely erased in Tonga. However, the art and practice of tattooing has been enjoying a revival in Tonga in recent years. This is a result of the work of scholars, researchers, visual artists and tattoo artists such as the two brothers - Carl and Arthur (King Afa) Cocker.

Carl and Arthur's knowledge of Polynesian art and culture - specifically the art and tradition of tattooing - has influenced and inspired their approach to reviving the art and practice of Tongan tattoo.

While Carl and Arthur(King Afa) specialise in Polynesian designs, they also do Western and custom made designs at a client's request. Examples of their work can be seen in the galleries. All of the tattoos in the galleries are orginal designs by Carl and Afa and should not be copied or replicated without their permission." -

Artist: King Afa

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