Friday, April 18, 2008

PRADA works with Taiwanese American Artist James Jean

Prada x James Jean - Trembled Blossoms

Fashion House Prada, like every other company out there, is trying to step its advertisement and media outlet to a new medium that illustrates a mix of graphics and technology. This video reminds me of a more artsy fartsy, Scarlet-Tea Room-ish (shout out to amy), floral kanye video music video. peace out.

"The film tells the day of a forest nymph, starting from her wakening from her orchid bed. Next, she is dressed, at various junctures by various creatures, in products from Prada’s 2008 Spring/Summer Collection. Her day ends as she gathered one last item - her Prada bag, from a magical pond. The plot line is in sync with Prada’s Spring/Summer theme as well, where Miuccia Prada captured influences of the psychedelic-induced dreamscapes from 60s and 70s. Giant prints and sketches from Trembled Blossoms currently adorned the Prada flagship in SoHo, New York." -enavant

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