Thursday, April 24, 2008

DRAW at Stolen Space Gallery, London

artist by Ron English

Capricon by Michael Manning

"DRAW is a tribute to the often-underrated but fundamental building-block of visual and graphic art: the drawing. Curated by Erik Foss and Curse Mackey, and with over 300 participating artists, this show is kind of a big deal.

Artists whose works are in the show include: Moby, Barry McGee, HR Giger, Clive Barker, Gibby Haynes, Ron English, Kat Von D, Tim Biskup, Ben Cho, Mark Gonzales, Derek Hess, Rich Jacobs, KAWS, Neck Face, Rick Griffin, Hank Williams III, Kerry King, WK Interact, Aurel Schmidt, Louis Molloy and Phil Kyle of London Ink, Doze Green, Chris Johanson and Dalek. 25 artists from the UK are also debuting works.

Their pieces will continue as part of the DRAW exhibit as it continues from London, on a six-country world tour that includes showings in Tokyo, Berlin, San Francisco and Los Angeles"-juxtapoz

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