Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Style combo from Santa Cruz x Puma

I use to read these skateboard gear catalogs back in jr. high and highschool..the small compact ones that you get in the mail. i forget what store..but its like Eastbay. Im sure you guys know what im talking abuot. btw. eastbay was my bible back in the days..always making wishlists...sneakers only really. off topic, one day reading Eastbay, I come across an indie bball brand called Goatgear..doubt many people followed up on street gear 7 years ago, but I have a pair of shorts that has Goatgear in large font on my ass hahaha..yeee, ok back to this pack..Santa Cruz was a brand that I always followed but never bought any piece from them, they use to sell it at Pacsun, but I think they are gearing their business towards the skate x street kids, and this combo is the result. I especially like this pack because I currently like the blue over red color orientation. anyways peace out!
thanks to the hype for the pic.

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